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Benedict Cumberbatch for Variety at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. (x x)

I hate asking for help…

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Hello my darling followers!

My Etsy shop is down for the moment and I’m trying my hardest to either get it back up or get a new one (technical difficulties SUCK).

I had over 100 positive reviews on the shop, plus over 600 orders.

My shirts are  and if you’d like to purchase one they are $14.95 each plus $5 shipping!

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My Etsy shop is half my income; this has taken it’s toll on my life at the moment. So please pass this around!


Top-Selling Fandom T-shirts - click here

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Why: Because everyone should own a fandom shirt. That’s why I started this business.

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To do a GIVEAWAY, or to not do a GIVEAWAY? 

When the old mapmakers got to the edge of the world, they used to write, “Beyond this place, there be dragons.”