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AU - I’m Coming Back

└ It’s been three years and it’s finally time for Sherlock to return to Baker Street with the help of an old friend.

The last time we were here Sherlock, you only had one of those pets. Now there’s two! I really should get one myself…
Oh, and little miss Pond. Anything to find your raggedy, old doctor, eh? Don’t worry, he’s fine. Alive, for now.

“And you must be the mysterious Amy.”

Fandom T-Shirts! <3 


Hello my lovely Followers~! Today is super, awesome, and exciting because my T-shirt finally came in! :D It’s a lovely Wholock fandom shirt and I designed it, but the LOVELY its-an-ear-hat-john, whom I follow devotedly, actually made it. She is awesome. Just saying. So if you want to be as cool as me and have a nifty fandom shirt, you should send her an ask :) (they’re also not too expensive, which makes my wallet happy). Here’s the link to her post, should you need it <3

So go buy some cool shirts, my loves!

I think I might cry because SHE’S WEARING A SHIRT I MADE. I’m so chuffed.

#I need this more than I need oxygen